Learning math and geometry and ready for school


There is so much knowledge that adults take for granted such as counting, colour recognition and reading but do you realise that you also had to learn how to focus on tasks, problem solve and apply logical thinking? LOGICO® can help your child develop these skills and many more.

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The learning cards are categorised in a variety of topics across the curriculum, which are intended to assist children to develop their abilities in observation, comparison, analysis and reasoning. Content covers skills such as colour and shape recognition, logical thinking and reasoning, spatial and geometrical skills, mathematical concepts and operations, problem solving and literacy development.

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Parents love this game for its durability and compact nature. It requires little space for storage and it does not have loose parts that can be lost! LOGICO® will keep children busy when travelling on holiday or on long car trips, and will keep them entertained over dinner in a restaurant.

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Logico Primo for preschool education for school readiness


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LOGICO Piccolo

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LOGICO Learning System for cognitive development

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"What an amazing teaching resource! It allows my students to work independently or paired, also in small group work, to use the thematically designed and varied resources for revision, discussion and extension material. The various kits contain a wide and varied range of thematic content. The students take ownership of their learning through the ability to self correct. We are able to achieve so much more in our lesson time with this teaching resource."

Von Paula Hay Primary school teacher of German, Qld President of German Teachers' Branch, Qld

"We like the Logico because it’s easy to carry around and there are no loose bits that can go missing. All you need is the board and a few cards and your child can be entertained in an educational way. "

A happy mum

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High demand from primary schools

High demand from primary schools

LOGICO is a teaching resource created in Germany, designed to develop self-confidence and motivation in learning. LOGICO is user-friendly, self-exp...

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