3+ Logico Primo Starter Package Ages 3-4

3+ Logico Primo Starter Package Ages 3-4

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Logico Primo Starter Package for children aged 3 to 4

1 Logico Primo Board 

3 Selected Primo titles, each title includes 16 different activity sheets to improve the following learning skills for a 3-4 years old: 

Cognitive skills

Logical thinking 

Concentration and perception 

Sorting and classifying

Colours and shapes recognition

If you have a preference which one of the titles you would like to try, write it down at the checkout in the comment section. Otherwise, we will make a good selection for you.

You may choose 3 of the following titles: 

Colours and Shapes 3+, Finki in Kindergarten 3+, Concertation games 4+ , My day 4+, Count and compare 4+, Arts and Craft 4+, Play and learn 4+, 

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