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Tinta Crayons - Castle Crayons 9

Tinta Crayons - Castle Crayons 9

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This fabulous crayon castle set is a delight! It’s a jigsaw, colouring set and fine motor activity all rolled into one. Kids can use it for playing (it really does stand up!), drawing or both!

The castle has nine different pieces in nine different colours. The crayons can stack together, which helps develop the child’s fine motor skills. Each crayon is also a nice chunky crayon to hold and there are lots of different edges for the child to draw with.

Tinta Crayons are made from Australian beeswax, organic plant waxes and non-toxic pigments, which means that they’re a safe option for younger children. Every crayon is handmade from scratch in Melbourne and we also have the crayons tested to ensure that they contain no nasties.