SMARTGAMES Camelot Jr (Ages 4+)
SMARTGAMES Camelot Jr (Ages 4+)

SMARTGAMES Camelot Jr (Ages 4+)

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SMARTGAMES Camelot JR - Brainteaser Puzzle: 

The knight and the princess are locked in separate towers. Help the princess build a route or the knight build a bridge to get them back together Children will enjoy mind-bending fun as they create a path for the royals to reunite. Features simple puzzles for beginning builders. Also known as 'Royal Rescue'. Ages 4 - 9 years.

Educational Benefits:
- Logical Reasoning
- Fine Motor Skills
- Higher Cognitive Thinking
- Visual and Spatial Perception
Camelot JR building base, 48 graded challenges, wooden puzzle pieces and a fully illustrated coloured instructions/solutions booklet. This is one of the best sellers of the range, great for the youngsters!